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Buzz Doctor provides
NHS Pharmacy First Consultation

Private Medical Practice & NHS Dispensing Chemist. Get seen by a Practitioner & our Pharmacist!

Why People Choose Us

Buzz Doctor was established in 2020, with the aim of providing medical healthcare that was patient focused. Our goal is to provide fast and accessible medical appointments alongside our NHS Pharmacy.

100% of our patients would recommend us to their family & friends

Working at the heart of the community means trying our best to help and serve our clients. We will always strive to go above & beyond for you.
Thank you for your support!

Easy to get an Appointment

Getting an appointment at our Private Medical Practice could not be easier. We will work hard to get you an appointment within days - if not the SAME day! You can call to book an appointment at any time of the day

Wide Range of Services

Buzz Doctor provides a wide range of services. So you can get medical help when needed. We have an NHS Pharmacy & a Practice that provides private consultations, cortisone joint injections, ear wax cleaning and a medical Aesthetics clinic

Transparent Pricing

Buzz Doctor prides itself on providing an honest, helpful & respectful service. You can rely on us for help when needed. This is why all of our services are kept at affordable prices and there are no hidden fees. We provide a trustworthy service for you

Private Medical Practice

See our Practitioner Dr Ahmed when you need. Full medical check up, private prescription & medication all from one place. No wait & no hassle. Call to book an appointment. We will try our best to book you in ASAP

NHS Pharmacy

We are an NHS Dispensing Chemist. We dispense NHS prescriptions at Buzz Doctor Pharmacy. Get FREE delivery of your medication. Get FREE text message notifications when your medication is ready

Micro-suction Wax Removal

Safe and effective way to remove troublesome wax from your ears. Done By our Practitioner, call now to book an appointment. We use gentle suction to remove the wax - leaving your ears perfectly clear

Vitamin Therapy

We provide B12 Vitamin, Vitamin D, Glutathione, Biotin and Vitamin C injections.
Our vitamin shots can improve your mood, boost your immune system, give you energy & brighten your skin

Steroid (cortisone) Joint Injections

We provide steroid joint injections for your pain caused by arthritis (bad knees, shoulders or elbows). We also treat sports injuries, frozen shoulder & trigger finger.
Dr Ahmed will do the procedure so you know you are in safe hands


Book into our medical aesthetics clinic - Radiant Reflections by Dr Ahmed. Get Botox, dermal fillers. luxury facials & non-surgical liposuction completed here at Buzz Doctor. Email us to enquire further or call to book an appointment on 0121 744 1141

Travel Clinic

We provide a full range of travel vaccinations for all your pre-travel requirement needs. Get vaccinated at Buzz Doctor! Email us with a list of vaccinations you need & we will get back to you with a competitive price suitable for you

Hay fever

We provide a special treatment for those who suffer with bad hay fever or allergies that can provide long term relief- Call now to get booked in.
Service Update: Currently Out of stock

How Does Buzz Doctor Work?

Buzz Doctor aims to provide private consultations (medical appointments) if you are unable to get an appointment with your NHS GP. In addition, there are many medical treatments that the NHS no longer offer – however Dr Ahmed can provide these treatments privately to you after discussing your needs.

We are a UK registered Private Medical Practice AND a NHS Dispensing Chemist. We pride ourselves on our dedication to helping you.
We are passionate about caring for your health. With our innovative business, we can use the latest technology and treatments in our Private Practice to make sure you get the best medical care available. 

We all have one aim, which is to improve your health and wellbeing.

You and your family will be treated with care and respect when you receive treatment from Buzz Doctor. We aim to offer a first class service to our all patients.

Give us a Buzz on 0121 744 1141 if you want to avoid those long waits to see your GP, those hours spent in a waiting room and on the phone trying to get an appointment.

Call us today to get an appointment and receive treatment when you need it.

Our all-in-one Private medical Practice  and NHS Pharmacy is the most convenient way to manage your health. 

You can receive quick and safe treatment at our practice clinic. No registration is needed. You do not need to live in Solihull or Birmingham – we can see patients from anywhere.

Dr Ahmed (see Terms and Conditions) provides a range of treatments but we pride ourselves on providing same day medical appointments. You can call at any time to book an appointment.

Once our practitioner has seen you/examined you – if needed, a prescription for medication will be written – which can be dispensed at our pharmacy.. However you can take this prescription to another Pharmacy if you wish.   

Booking an appointment with Buzz Doctor is easy, we are just a buzz away..!

Welcome to the future of healthcare!


歡迎來到嗡嗡医师。 為所有患者提供私人醫療實踐。 價錢由20英鎊起

請致電 0121 744 1141 預約


You can come to our Private Practice and NHS Pharmacy even if you are not living in the local area. We welcome patients from all over the UK. If you are on holiday and need medical attention, we can help you!



A private medical clinic and an NHS pharmacy all-in-one. Speak to a practitioner in the centre to receive treatment quickly and safely, You will be able to get the prescription filled at our Pharmacy for no additional cost


Speak to our team today. Call us to book an appointment. We will get you booked in on the same day or when it suits you. No more waiting rooms, no more stress! 


Receive a medical examination, i.e. a check-up, a private prescription and your medication, all under one roof! All our prices are affordable, so you can access the care you need when you need it.   


For a full list of the conditions that we can help you with, please see Condition Information

Coughs, Colds & Tonsillitis

Coughing, sneezing and feeling weak can be symptoms of the common cold. Tonsillitis or sore throat can cause pain in the throat

Chest Infections

A chest infection can mean that you need antibiotics. Chesty cough, coloured phlegm and feeling generally unwell can be symptoms of your chest infection

Eye Infections

Speak to a practitioner to get treatment for your COVID-19 symptoms.

Sleeping Problems

Sleep disorders are conditions that prevent a person from getting restful sleep and, as a result, can cause daytime sleepiness and other affects.

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

Bring us a urine sample so we can test if you have a UTI, otherwise known as cystitis or a bladder infection,

Men & Women's Health

From hair loss, and thrush to erectile dysfunction & bladder trouble, we can manage it all here. Speak to us today to get treatment

Ear Infection

Ear pain, muffled hearing, discharge and itching can all be signs of an ear infection. We have a special ear clinic that provides the best care for you

Skin Conditions

Eczema, acne, psoriasis and rosacea are all common skin conditions. Each have their own specific treatments. Talk to us today to get treatment!

Anxiety & Depression

Low mood, feeling on edge and feeling hopeless can all be signs of depression or anxiety. Speak to us today to start managing your symptoms

Stomach Conditions

Stomach pain, heartburn & suspected stomach ulcers - we can help you understand your symptoms & provide treatment &/or a referral


Hayfever can cause itchy eyes, and nose. Your nose can be runny and your eyes can also be teary. Some people get itchy ears and throat too.

Arthritis Pain

Osteoarthritis or ‘wear and tear’ pain, is a long-term condition that causes pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints. The condition usually affects the knees, hands, feet and wrists.


Get all your vaccinations at Buzz Doctor at competitive prices 

Ready, Set, Jet!

Buzz Doctor can provide travel advice and any additional treatment you might need for your holiday

Malaria Prophylaxis

Our practitioners can provide all types of malaria prophylaxis for you, making sure you stay safe 

Our pharmacist has over 35 years of experience, providing a safe and caring service. 

We can also arrange to pack your medications in a dosage system, to make it easier for you to take your medications. 

We operate on a one-to-one direct basis with the staff and nurses at the care homes to provide services easily, safely and effectively. 

We also provide FREE delivery for your medication right to your door step. Nominate us and let us know that you need deliveries

Our clinic provides ear cleaning using the safe and effective ear micro-suction technique, which is considered safer than the standard ear syringing. 

Dr Ahmed trained under an ENT consultant to be able to perform this procedure – rest assured, you are in safe hands! 

Always put your safety first and book with Buzz Doctor – with Dr Ahmed, who will provide a professional and safe service.

Avoid the long waits, unprofessional behaviour or unqualified people carrying this out and contact us today – We can usually get you in ASAP! 

We provide FREE aftercare advice and you can contact Dr Ahmed for advice if needed after your procedure.

Micro-suction prices are affordable for everyone, so just give us a buzz on 0121 744 1141 to book in.

Dr Ahmed will always provide a FREE ear check before any treatment is carried out, so we know which ears need treatment. 

We are happy to help in anyway we can! Get treatment at Buzz Doctor to ensure a honest and reliable service. 


Aesthetics – Radiant Reflections

Radiant Reflections by Dr Ahmed, is our Aesthetic clinic. We provide award winning aesthetic treatments, including dermal fillers, Botox and micro-infusion facials. We have a beauty bar available which allows you to explore the treatments that are right for you. 

We can provide nose jobs (non-surgical rhinoplasty), reduce dark circles under your eyes and define your jaw, cheeks or lips.

Our wrinkle reducing injections (Botox) can take years off your age or we can use these treatments to perform a brow lift or get rid of that gummy smile.

Contact us on for general information or call 0121 744 1141 to speak to one of our team members for a consultation or appointment.

Healthcare Supplements & Medical Vitamin Injection Therapy

We work with the worldwide famous AWA MEDI – providing health supplements and creams to help improve your looks and health! Buy these products in store or visit the website for a full range of products and promotions and delivery.

Visit them today by clicking the link – AWA MEDI

Hay fever Treatment

We provide treatment for people that suffer with allergies and hay fever.  Treatment could leave you symptom free for your hay fever season. 

 Enquire today and get ready for the allergy season!

Service update: Currently Out of stock.

Joint Pains | Inflammation | Arthritis

We provide a range of medical procedures, that can only be carried out by professionals with special training, practice and experience.

Steroid joint injections can be used for pains caused by arthritis or sports injuries. People that suffer with arthritis in their knees can get treated here, just give us a call to book in and after a consultation, we can perform the procedure.

We can treat frozen shoulder and trigger finger (finger locking). 

You will find that all our procedures are listed at affordable prices and we will try our best to get you an appointment on the same day if needed.

Referrals for Extra Testing

Buzz Doctor can write to your NHS GP to request NHS referrals e.g. for X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, Specialist Consultants etc. Alternatively Dr Ahmed can refer you to a private specialist for further investigation. 


Weight Loss

We all know that losing weight is not easy, and at times, it can even get you down –  For most of us, losing weight is a struggle we have dealt with for many years, with little or no results. 

We provide the ‘skinny jab’ and fat binding medication to help you get the body you want. 

Buzz Doctor also provides the world famous AQUALYX treatment. We can treat fat all over your body, helping you to get the look you desire.

In addition, Buzz Doctor’s very own Nutritional and Exercise Advisor has written books to help you gain a better understanding of your weight and the best way to lose it. The information contains diet plans, exercise plans and advice on weight loss. Usually information like this would cost a fortune, however you can Buy it HERE for a limited time promotional price. 

Medical Healthcare for Men & Women

We know that women and men can both have their share of problems that they are sometimes too embarrassed to speak to the opposite sex about, We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed when discussing personal problems, so we will always have a female and male professional present who is available for you to speak to. 

We offer a range of treatments for many conditions, which can be handled discreetly over the telephone or in a consultation.

We provide;

  • Oral contraception (combined contraceptive pill or the ‘mini-pill’)
  • Depo-Provera (contraceptive injection)
  • Treatment for vaginal thrush
  • Treatment for male thrush
  • Treatment for bacterial vaginosis
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Genital infections 
  • Hair loss in men 
  • Prostate problems 
  • Urinary symptoms

Buzz Doctor - Need Medical help? Just give us a BUZZ!

Call us on 0121 744 1141 to book an appointment

Buzz Doctor – A Private Practice Providing a Friendly & Caring Atmosphere
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