Botox, Dermal Fillers and Micro-infusion Facials 

We provide top-class aesthetic treatments to suit you.

Buzz Doctor offers a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including dermal fillers, Botox and microinfusion facials.

We can provide you with first class treatments in our clinic in Solihull, Birmingham. You can also book in for home treatments*.

Our Practitioner has years of experience in providing dermal filler and wrinkle reducing injections and has won Aesthetic Clinic of the year award in 2019. 

We provide a free medical consultation, ensuring that any Microinfusion facials, Botox (anti-wrinkle treatment) and dermal filler treatment can be carried out safely and effectively. We make sure that your treatment journey is perfect, from explaining all the steps involved to checking on you after you have had your treatment.

You are in safe hands at Buzz Doctor. We work together to achieve the look you desire.

All our Medical Practitioners are registered with their UK medical board and with the world known ACE Group.

*Home treatments only available if the total price of your treatment is over £500.

To Book an appointment or for any questions, contact us on or call us on 0121 744 1141

Botox or dermal fillers? Let’s talk about your ideal look to help you decide on a suitable plan.

Speak to our team of friendly professionals today to arrange your free primary consultation. 

Our clinicians will perform an initial facial contour analysis which is tailored specifically for you; which means our treatments are designed around you. We use a landmark-based treatment technique to ensure you are treated safely and efficiently.

We believe that you should look how you feel and want! Everybody deserves to feel at their personal best and that’s why we provide a service to suit you.

Talk to our team of professionals today to take the first step to your dream look…

Our approach

Your Search For The Perfect Clinic Is over! Buzz Doctor provides all services, which includes non-surgical, cosmetic, beauty and medical treatments 

We use cutting edge treatment procedures. The latest and most premium products, coupled with the most delicate technique ensures effortless treatment and results at the most competitive prices.

Book in with Buzz Doctor and rest assured, you are in safe and professional hands. We use landmark based injection techniques to ensure your dermal filler and Botox treatments are always safe.

The CEO of Buzz Doctor has won Aesthetic Clinic of the year 2019 in the healthcare and pharmaceutical awards 2019 awarded by Global health & Pharma (GHP)

Our Practitioners are experts in non-surgical nose jobs, lip and cheek enhancements and in the treatment of tear troughs. They have perfected the techniques to give you the look you desire. We combine art with beauty to ensure we put your needs at the centre of our plans.

We will always offer honest and impartial advice, ensuring your treatments are always safe. 


Advanced Procedures - Master Aesthetic Treatments

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Buzz Doctors Liquid Rhinoplasty Nose Job – Get the nose you’ve always wanted 

We provide a complete non-surgical reconstruction of the nose. We can use high density fillers to shape and change the appearance of the nose – without surgery!

Changes we can make:

  • Get rid of the ‘dorsal hump’
  • Lift the tip of the nose
  • Straighten a nose
  • Reduce the length of the nose

Superior Eye Rejuvenation

Buzz Doctor is the creator of the 5 in 1 Eye Rejuvenation procedure

Buzz Doctor is the creator of the 5 in 1 Eye Rejuvenation procedure. 

We will provide a full rejuvenation of the eye area including:

  • Dark circle elimination
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Tear trough reduction
  • Puffiness reduction
  • Under eye lift 

Cheek Bones

If you desire high cheek bones or mid face volume – we can do it all

Buzz Doctor’s cheek bone enhancement procedure can give you the high cheek bones you’ve always wished for.

To create the perfect cheek structure we use a combination of techniques. Using filler that lasts up to 18 months, we can:

  • Plump
  • Hydrate
  • Lift the face
  • Contour the cheeks

Facial Profiling

Buzz Doctor’s 6 in 1 Facial Profile Enhancement will create the features you’ve always desired

Buzz Doctor’s Complete Facial Profiling Procedure includes Botox and Dermal filler treatments to create beautifully sculpted  features. 

This procedure involves a full facial contour analysis and focus on all the target areas. 

We will provide complete enhancement of all keys areas, to make you look refreshed, rejuvenated, firmer and younger! 

Examples of Areas We Treat


Crowsfeet, Tear trough fillers


Nasolabial Lines or Folds
Gummy Smiles
Smoker Lines
Downward Turned Corners of The Mouth


Hand Fillers


Pebble Chin


Bunny Wrinkles
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


Symmetry Correction


Non-Surgical Face Lifting

Jaw Line



Bunny Wrinkles
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


Symmetry Correction


Non-Surgical Face Lifting

Liquid face Lift


Jaw Line





Crow’s Feet (eye wrinkles)

4 in 1 Superior Eye Rejuvenation

Tear troughs


Nasolabial Lines or Folds
Gummy Smiles
Smoker Lines
Downward Turned Corners of The Mouth


Hand Fillers


Pebble Chin

Shape Change

Treatments We Provide

Botox | Anti-wrinkle Injections

Botox | Anti-wrinkle Injections

Wrinkle Reducing Injections (Botox)

The Botulinum Toxin (Brand name – Botox®) is a muscle relaxing injection, that is a very popular non-surgical treatment for dynamic wrinkles and lines on the face and neck area. To put it simply, it will get rid of your wrinkles!

We smile, yawn and frown every day, which means we use our muscles of facial expression all the time. Over the years, we develop wrinkles in different areas of our face, which can become more apparent when we use these specific underlying muscles. By injecting a small amount of the Botulinum

Toxin into these specific muscles, we can help to reduce the appearance of these wrinkles and create a lifting effect.

This treatment can also be used to relax the muscles around the mouth to get rid of that gummy smile (excessive teeth show when smiling)

How Does The Botulinum Toxin Work?

Botulinum toxin is purified and cleansed and then used to provide people with non-surgical cosmetic treatment.
Very small amounts of the Botulinum toxin are injected into specific muscles. This causes temporary muscle relaxation which means there is a reduction in the amount of muscle movement. Once the muscle relaxes, the overlying tissue and skin relaxes too.

The overall effect causes the lines and wrinkles to fade.

Other muscles around the face are not affected and there are no problems with facial expression.

The effects of muscle relaxing injections usually appear at 2 weeks.

The treatment generally lasts for 3 to 5 months. We recommend that you book another appointment when you start to realise the effects are starting to diminish, this way, we can help you to maintain your desired look.

The endurance of the Botulinum toxin is deemed by the specific manufacturers and is not guaranteed by Buzz Doctor

Prices For Botulinum Toxins | Wrinkle Reducing Injections

1 Treatment Area £100
2 Treatment Areas £135
3 Treatment Areas £165
4 Treatment Areas £199

Dermal Filler Injections

Dermal Filler Injections

What Is A Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers are made of natural and synthetic substances that can be injected into the skin.

Most dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid; which is a natural substance that exists in our bodies. It acts as our natural ‘volume filler’ and ‘hydrator’, which means it keeps our faces looking hydrated and plump.

However, as we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our bodies reduces which causes a loss of volume and hydration in our skin.
Hyaluronic acid is a soft gel which is made of a stabilised non-animal hyaluronic acid.
The gels are tissue-friendly and are very similar to our own hyaluronic acid we produce in our body.

How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

As we age, the amount of collagen we produce, reduces, which means our faces have less volume and more laxity. Younger faces contain more subcutaneous fat. As we age, we naturally lose this fat which means we lose the natural young ‘plump’ look. Lines and wrinkles will also be more apparent.

So, when we inject dermal fillers, they act to plump your facial appearance up and reduce static wrinkles and creases. Overall, you will notice a fuller and smoother appearance of your face.
Dermal fillers can also be used to change the appearance of your lips by plumping them up and changing their shape.

We Use The Best Fillers On The UK Market Premium Brands Only

Our fillers adapt with your facial movements and expression, creating a plump, younger and natural look.
Have a chat with one of our practitioners today to discuss which product is right for you.

Prices are used as guides – they may vary depending on how much filler you need. This will be discussed with the practitioner. If you are considering more than one treatment, then please contact us, we will have special offers that we can apply to your treatment packages to make everything as affordable and cost effective as we can.

Prices for dermal filler treatments:

Nose to mouth lines £140
Corners of the mouth £140
Chin enhancement £100
Cheek Filler 1ml £145
Cheek Filler 2ml £195
Tear trough £210
Under eye treatment
Nose Job £200
Liquid Rhinoplasty
Jaw line enhancement £235
Lip Filler £120
Lip Filler £165

Package Treatments

Special offers and deals available on multiple treatments, please contact us to discuss final prices 

Filler Reversal 

Sometimes things go wrong. With any procedure, there are always risks involved. There is plenty of information and stories in the media where fillers have gone drastically wrong. This is why it is extremely important to get your treatment with professionals who are trained in how to handle emergencies if one ever occurs. However if you feel you are experiencing an emergency after you have had your filler treatment, please call 999.

Or, if you simply don’t like the dermal filler you have had – either by us or by someone else, we can remove the filler for you.

Price for filler reversal ………………………………………………..£110

Micro-infusion Facials | AquaGold

Microinfusion Facials | AquaGold

Special Skin Care

Buzz Doctor also provides micro-infusion facials. This luxury, bespoke treatment can be provided alone or in combination with your dermal filler or Botox treatment. 

Micro-infusion devices create small channels on the surface of your skin, allowing micro-droplets of specific treatment to be administered. These skin enhancing ingredients are strategically mixed by the Practitioner once you have had a discussion about your skin goals.  

We recommend the Micro-infusion facial before any special event, for men and women, especially in combination with your dermal filler or Botox treatment. You will leave feeling extra special with that added facial glow! 

The Gold Standard of Facials

Micro-infusion facials are the new era of skin care. The procedure involves a special delivery system, that has hundred’s of micro-injection sites in each application. The procedure is pain free and does not cause any bleeding or bruising. 

Micro-infusion treatment is different to micro-needling and does not have any downtime after the procedure. 

Imagine having your regular facial, but this time imagine the deeper layers of the skin surface getting all that amazing nourishment and goodness. 

Using the micro-infusion facial, we can treat the whole face, even around the eye areas. Our Micro-infusion facials can also be used on sensitive skin.

We will combine multiple key ingredients in each of our individual ampoules, which will be tailored to your desires. 

We always recommend certain key ingredients, but if there is something more specific you would like then the choice is all yours!

At the end of any treatment, we can provide you with a tailored ampoule to take home and to apply to your skin for the following few days to help add to the goodness and nourishment of the micro-infusion facial. 

Micro-infusion facials should be part of any skin care regime and we recommend booking regular facial sessions at our practice to ensure you are getting all the goodness you deserve! 

Micro-infusion facials can only be offered by Practitioners who have had training in this area, to ensure each treatment is safe and perfectly taiolred to you.


Luxury Treatment

Micro-infusion facials can help to improve skin texture and correct tone. 

Our patient-tailored facials can help to create smooth, brighter, plumper and firmer skin.

Our micro-infusion facials are a great way to boost the appearance of your skin very quickly. Effects can last anywhere from 3 – 6 months, but the collagen stimulating action is what enables long term positive effects to take place. 

Our very own, AquaGold trained Buzz Doctor will have a chat with you before your treatment, which is a time to lie back and relax and let the goodness sink in (literally!)

Key information:

AquaGold Fine Touch

The leading brand in Micro-infusion facials – Aquagold Fine touch. This patented delivery system has greater coverage (1000 micro-injection sites), where each fine needle penetrates into the dermal layer of skin perfectly, ensuring equal uniform coverage and treatment across the entire face. 

Used by the elites in Hollywood, this facial will leave your skin feeling like a million dollars!

Aquagold can be used to improve and refresh your skin by: 

Amazing Results

Micro-infusion facials will end up leaving you addicted and you may want to come back every month – which is fine! But this  luxury treatment works great when you have this gold star pamper session every 3-4 months, which will your skin looking and feeling amazing.

After you have had your treatment, you might experience a little redness around the treatment area but this should settle within 45 minutes. 

Before leaving our clinic, our Practitioners will provide you with some specially formulated zinc or titanium SPF to protect your skin.    

Our Clinicians recommend the following combination of key ingredients but you can always add more or ask for something specific.

Our Signature serum – the ‘Buzz Glow’ contains a mixture of antioxidants and micro-toxins, plus a good dose of filler to plump up your skin. For a full list of ingredients, speak to our Practitioner to decide what is best for you. 

Buzz Glow Serum:

Prices For Micro-Infusion Luxury Facials start at:

2 Ingredients £40
3 Ingredients £65
3 Ingredients £85

Prices are based on complete treatment of the face and neck- any additional areas/ingredients will incur an additional charge

After Your Treatment

So you’ve had your treatment with us, what next?

General Advice

Post treatment advice for muscle relaxing agents | Wrinkle reducing treatment | Botox ®

  • For approximately 24 hours after treatment, avoid high intensity activities/exercise
  • We want the muscle relaxing injections/wrinkle treatment e.g. Botox® to stay where we injected it, so avoid rubbing and touching the area where you were injected for 4 – 6 hours after treatment.
  • Stay upright and avoid any horizontal activity for the next 3 – 4 hours after treatment
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption on the same day as your treatment.
  • Exercise your injected muscles regularly – we will show you how to do this
  • The full effect of the muscle relaxing injections/wrinkle treatment (e.g. Botox®) is at approximately 2 weeks
  • The duration of action can last for 3 – 5 months
  • Individual results may vary

Post treatment advice for Dermal Fillers

  • Avoid high intensity exercise just after you’ve had your treatment
  • Avoid hot environments e.g. hot baths, saunas and steam rooms on the same day as your treatment.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption on the same day as your treatment
  • We want the dermal filler to stay where we injected so do not rub or touch the area that was injected.
  • The full effect will be complete at approximately 1 week
  • The duration of action can last approximately 12 months.
  • Individual results may vary

Post treatment advice for micro-infusion facials

Partner Prescribing

Buzz Doctor can also provide ‘partner prescribing’. So if you need someone to prescribe an item for use in your clinic, just give us a buzz! We are happy to. Call us on 0121 744 1141 or email us on to discuss the details. 


Buzz Doctor is a medical healthcare organisation which also provides aesthetic treatments. All our practitioners have been trained in London, by Harley Street experienced doctors. All our practitioners are registered with their professional UK board and have full medical insurance.

Patient experience and results from treatments can differ and depend on various reasons, for example, age, area treated, lifestyle and medical history.  Before you undergo or agree to undergo any treatment with Buzz Doctor, you must read the Terms and Conditions. Buzz Doctor cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred during or after treatment. 

Length of product longevity (dermal filler or muscle relaxing agent/wrinkle treatment/Microinfusion facials) is not guaranteed and patient experience and results from treatments can differ and depend on various factors. For example, how much product is used, age of the patient, their lifestyle and medical history.