Alopecia is skin condition more common in teenagers but can also affect adults.

This is a non-scarring, non-itchy progressive reduction of the hair follicle which has a characteristic pattern of distribution. 

Hair loss occurs slowly, firstly presenting as thinning rather than shedding.

  • this is a common disorder affecting genetically predisposed men and women – the genetic factors play a role in age of onset and the severity of the condition
  • the prevalence increases with age in both sexes 

Symptoms Of Alopecia


  • Lose hair over the crown, along the frontal hair line and around the temples
  • Occasionally a female pattern of hair loss can also be seen


  • Lose hair over the frontal and central areas, but the parietal and occipital regions can also be affected 
  • Can also present as the male pattern baldness 

Alopecia Treatment

  • For men and women – a scalp application of minoxidil 2% or 5% solution
  • For men – a tablet called finasteride can help alleviate symptoms

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