Botox Treatment

Botox has been around for years, with millions of people world-wide having been treated with it. In Birmingham alone there are dozens and dozens of clinics and even Hair Salons and Beauty Salons offering the service. But who do you trust?

Looking for a legitimate clinic that offers Botox in Birmingham may be a daunting task.

When getting Botox, your first inclination might be to contact a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, but you may also see other providers offering the treatment. While Botox injections are relatively simple, the treatment still needs to be done by a trained and experienced professional who is suitably qualified and trained. Training does not come cheap, so make sure you opt for someone who knows what they are doing and not just tempting you with a cheap price.

If the injections are too deep, too low, or in the wrong spot, you could have side effects, so it’s very important you see a trained clinician offering Botox in Birmingham.

Charges between clinicians can vary. Healthy competition is good for clients. But be very wary of outlets offering cut-throat prices, Botox in Birmingham should not be cheap, and if it is, then it should cause you to question the provider.


Is the treatment complicated?

The process of getting Botox should be a quick and simple one. The practitioner will make a few injections in your treatment areas, and you will be on your way. Any discomfort felt should be minimal. The level of any pain should be that of any typical injection given. However the Practitioner will always apply a surface acting local anaesthetic to help numb the pain. Anyone offering Botox in Birmingham should be providing all their clients with this surface acting anaesthetic at no extra charge; it is part of the treatment.

Will I Experience Any Side Effects?

Many patients report minimal pain. There may be some initial mild redness, swelling, or bruising, which should resolve quickly. The reaction is similar to getting an injection at your local surgery.

What Results Should I Expect?

When done by a suitably trained professional, in the right amount and with the correct technique you should expect the Botox to give you a more youthful look.

Typically, the results take a few days before they start to show.

Most patients will see the results of their Botox injection begin to appear after three or four days and continue to improve until about two weeks, when the results are at their maximum.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?


If injected correctly, most patients don’t have issues beyond minor redness, bruising, or swelling. If injected incorrectly, the Botox can spread too far and impact muscles it wasn’t intended to. This is why it is so important to find a suitably trained provider.

What If I Decide The Botox Isn’t For Me?

If you have a complication from Botox or aren’t happy with your results, you must wait it out. It will wear out, it just takes time. You just need a little patience and within a few months the effects of the Botox will be reversed.

Botox treatments last between two and six months, the time varies between people. It also depends on the areas treated, and how many units were injected.

So, when you are searching for a clinician who provides Botox in Birmingham, look for a practice that has trained professionals. Good luck with your search!


Dermal Filler Treatment

Dermal fillers to enhance your looks or to change something you are not happy with, is nothing new. You should be able to feel confident about your looks. Dermal Fillers in Birmingham offer you the chance to boost your confidence levels, according to your wishes.

The right level of Filler is important, we often hear horror stories. These are not the norm and are essentially caused by the client’s unusual wishes.  We cannot stress enough the need to go to a sincere Professional who is not willing to oblige the customer in wanting an extreme look. After all we are human and to plump up your lips to such an extent that you now may resemble a duck, is not the aim!

Confide in your Practitioner and get their advice, take your treatment in stages and build up to it rather than a quick “big” fix. 

There is no shortage of places to have Dermal Fillers in Birmingham, but finding the right place is paramount.

Let’s take a look at what Dermal Fillers are

The underlying tissue of our skin that plumps up and helps us to look youthful starts to break down as we age. This often leaves us with unwanted laughter lines, smile lines, crow’s feet and deep creases over the area where movement occurs. But thanks to dermal fillers we now have a way of correcting these unwanted lines on our face.

Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance found in the body) suspended in a gel. When injected underneath the skin, they improve the appearance of wrinkles and replace volume that has been lost due to the ageing process. Having your Dermal Fillers in Birmingham or wherever does not mean you are stuck with the look. The process is reversible. So If you think you have had a little too much just speak to your Practitioner who can book you back in to re-adjust the procedure.

What does the treatment involve?

Dermal Fillers in Birmingham or anywhere else will have the same procedure:

Your dermal filler treatment will begin with a Consultation to determine the areas that you feel would benefit from added volume. Once the areas have been decided on, the Practitioner will then determine which Dermal Filler would be most appropriate for you. The whole process is individualised and you will be assessed according to your needs and your desired outcome.

During the procedure, the skin is cleansed, usually with wipes and a topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) will be applied to the area that will be injected to minimise any discomfort of the injections. This procedure will be performed using a very fine needle underneath the skin and followed with a very slow injection of a colourless smooth gel which immediately lifts static lines.

How long should I expect the treatment to take?

The dermal filler treatment can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the number of areas to be treated. It’s not about speed but about getting the whole experience perfect for you. So if your treatment runs more than an hour, don’t be alarmed, it’s about care and being meticulous. Having your Dermal Fillers in Birmingham carried out by a competent Professional is what you should be looking for.

glutathione injections

What can dermal fillers do for me?

Dermal fillers are used to add volume back into your face that has been lost as we age. Hence Dermal Fillers can be used for the following treatment areas:

  • Cheeks
  • Naso-labial folds (nose-to-mouth lines)
  • Marionette lines (lines from the corner of your mouth to your chin)
  • Corners of the mouth that can sometimes make you look unhappy
  • Smoker’s lines (the vertical lines above the lip that appear when you pout)
  • The lip itself(either the body of the lip for fullness or the border for definition)
  • Hand Fillers.
  • Non- Surgical Rhinoplasty of the Nose. To change the shape.
  • Tear troughs (Under eye bags. The lines under your eyes that make you look tired)
  • Chin Reshaping

How long will the effects of Dermal Fillers last?

The results from this treatment will be seen immediately. The length of time these results will last differs between each individual, the type of Dermal Filler used and the area that is treated. Hyaluronic acid is something that our body naturally breaks up and those with a higher metabolism will break the product up quicker than those with a slow metabolism. If you have the dermal filler injected into somewhere with a lot of movement such as your lips, this will also result in the product being broken down quicker. However, on average the dermal fillers can last anywhere between 4 and 18 months. With repeated treatments, the benefits of dermal fillers are cumulative. So that the effects will be greater and will stay for a longer period of time with each additional treatment.

So if you live in the West Midlands and are looking to have your Dermal Fillers in Birmingham then look no further. Your aims should be to Book with a Competent, Caring, Expert Practitioner who listens to your needs as well as offer you their advice and of cause their expertise.

Good luck with your search for Dermal Fillers in Birmingham. Choose wisely!

Studying Aesthetics

Do I really need to learn all this? It’s a question many medical and nursing students have asked time and time again… You prepare for an exam and think – shall I chance it and not study this? Surely it will not come up in the exam… But life is not an exam and if you don’t learn where that artery passes through – then you could potentially have a very serious problem on your hands. Studying is important and the main thing is – it saves lives.

I decided I wanted to open a private clinic from the moment I finished university. Botox and dermal fillers were not as famous back then… And now it seems everyone is doing them. But to be good and practice safely – guess what? You need to study study study! Learning your anatomy to be able to complete Botox and dermal filler treatment is absolutely vital.




When performing facial aesthetic procedures it is imperative that you have an in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the face to know why, where and how to inject. That’s why our medical professionals only clinic can ensure safe treatment each time. We understand that you trust us with your face – it’s not something we take lightly.


It’s important for you, as the patient to be aware of the ‘high risk’ areas, the better your understanding, the better choice you can make when choosing your injector – go ahead and quiz your injector – if they don’t know what you’re talking about when you mention the angular artery – its time to leave!

Here we can talk about the basics – the facial bones, happy studying people!

The facial bones create the structural foundation for the face and also act as the origination points for the facial muscles.

The facial skeleton consists of 14 stationary bones & a mobile lower jawbone. The bones & muscles together are responsible for providing control of facial expressions. Our structure is what gives us our features… those high cheek bones.. That jaw line..


The 14 bones of the face include:

• Mandible – the largest bone (jawbone).

• Maxillae – two bones that form the upper jaw.

• Zygomatic – two bones that form the cheekbones (malar bones) & the bottom of the eye sockets.

• Lacrimal – the two smallest and most delicate bones of the face that form the inner, bottom wall of the eye socket.

• Nasal – two oblong shaped bones that join and form the bridge of the nose.

The remaining facial bones are not directly linked to aesthetic procedures but nevertheless, they do remain critical in the overall formation of the facial skeleton.

• Palatine – two bones that form the roof of the mouth.

• Vomer – the bone that forms the lower part of the nasal septum.


• Inferior nasal conchae – delicate spongy bones that help to divide the nasal cavity.

But wait.. It’s not just the bones we need to be aware of.. it’s the muscles.. It’s the blood supply..  the nerves.. the veins.. And the foramens (holes in the bones to let vessels and nerves through).

So now.. does injecting dermal fillers seem so easy? No! It’s a risky business and that’s why I like to stay on top of my game and study!


Choose your clinic wisely!


Migraine is ranked globally as the 7th most disabling disease among all diseases. Chronic migraine affects approximately 2% of the world population!

It is estimated that there are 190,000 migraine attacks every day in the UK.

More than 3/4 of migraine patients experience at least one attack each month, and more than half experience severe impairment during attacks.

It is estimated that the UK population loses 25 million days from work or school each year because of migraine.

Different people have different triggers for their migraine. People who suffer with migraines wont be sensitive too all the triggers, So no, you don’t have to avoid all these. You have to be a detective and find out what your trigger could be.

Triggers that can set a headache attack off could be:

  • Skipping meals
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine – yes that’s right, your tea, coffee or energy drink could be causing your migraines.
  • Lack of sleep
  • Bright lights or loud noises
  • Strong smells
  • Different weather
  • Physical exertion
  • Stress

This is why when I first see a patient complaining of migraine type headache, I always ask them to make a headache diary. I ask them to write down things that can help us find their specific trigger. We have to be detectives and get to the bottom of each case. I’m passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness in the community I work with and by creating Ukiyo Clinic, I’m able to spread more information to help people live healthier and better lives. By explaining about the different uses of Botox, we can empower people with knowledge so they can make better decisions.

Migraine is more than just a headache. Symptoms can include: visual disturbances (flashing lights, blind spots in the vision, zig zag patterns), nausea and/or vomiting. Sensitivity to light (photophobia), sensitivity to noise (phonophobia), sensitivity to smells (osmophobia), tingling/pins and needles/weakness in the limbs.

Sometimes the tablets we take don’t work… sometimes it takes more than paracetamol, ibuprofen or sumatriptan. This is where Botox comes in. Just one treatment can cure the headache for months!

‘I see lots of patients each week at the NHS surgery I work at complaining of migraines that just won’t budge!’ Says the lead medical practitioner at Ukiyo Clinic.  The process of starting them on some tablets… Or referring them to a specialist can take some time and this is where Botox can help. Botox is injected into special areas and can cause the headaches to disappear for months. No more tablets and no more migraines.

We always advise you to do some research, but you can always contact the clinic for more information

Understanding Depression

Everyone can feel down sometimes, unfortunately we face such situations in life that can cause us to feel low or upset. Feeling upset about something bad that has happened in life is normal. As humans, we have a range of emotions and this is completely understandable. However, sometimes, the ‘low’ feelings can become a bit too much for us to handle and you may think that they are going on for too long, in this case, you may need to speak to a professional to look for signs and symptoms of depression. 

Symptoms of depression can range from lasting feelings of unhappiness, hopelessness, excessive guilt, or feelings of being useless to, losing interest in the things you used to enjoy. You may very tearful most of the time. Many people with depression also have symptoms of anxiety. There can be physical symptoms with depression, such as feeling tired, lacking energy, eating less or eating too much, having difficulties falling asleep. You may even experience aches and pains. 

There are many causes for depression, for example, you may feel worried about the future, you might feel lonely, you may have broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you may have a problem in your marriage, you might have lost someone close to you or you may have lost your job. the list can go on, but the main thing is, how these problems make you feel.


There are lots of different ways you can try to manage or cure your depression and Ukiyo Clinic can provide you with support and help at each step. 

Treatment for depression can involve a combination of lifestyle changes, such as exercising, stopping smoking, reducing the amount of alcohol you drink or trying new activities. You can also try counselling e.g. talking therapy or CBT. Sometimes, you may need medication for depression. Your treatment will be based on your specific needs and will also depend on the type of depression you have e.g. is it; mild, moderate or severe depression. 

Depression can come and go. Some people may suffer with depression for many years, where some people may only suffer with it for a few months, But the most important to thing to understand is that you are not alone. There is lots of help out there for you, which means you don’t have to suffer in silence.