Intertrigo is inflammation that is caused by skin-to-skin friction and is most common in moist and warm areas of the body e.g. between folds of the skin, groin, under the arms or between toes. 


Lots of people feel embarrassed to come and speak to their practitioner about this problem. But it is best to get this treated quickly. The inflamed skin can become infected with fungal or bacterial elements.  


Symptoms of Intertrigo  

  • Redness and/or red patches on either of the skin fold 
  • Stinging 
  • Burning 
  • Itching 
  • As the rash progresses and gets worse, you can experience weeping, blisters and skin maceration


Treatment of Intertrigo

  • Use a talcum powder to dry the skin
  • Wear light, absorbent cloths 
  • Avoid clothes that are made from nylon or other synthetic fabrics
  • Treatment includes creams such as anti-fungals and/or steroid creams
  • Antibiotics or anti-fungal tablets may be needed in some cases

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