Men's Health

Men's Health

At Buzz Doctor, our practitioners have years of experience in managing men’s health problems.  

We offer a range of services that focus on things that matter to you. We can manage hair loss/baldness, erectile dysfunction and fungal infections/balanitis. 

We will ensure that you receive confidential care you need and deserve. Call us on 0121 744 1141 to make an appointment.

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Erectile Dysfunction | Impotence

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can affect all men at some point in their life. ED means that you are not able to attain or maintain an erection. The problem can happen for many reasons. Having erection issues at times is not usually something to worry about. However if ED is an ongoing problem, then it can effect your confidence, and your relationship, putting you under a great deal of stress, which can make things even worse. 

Our Clinicians can offer you treatment after a quick and discrete consultation. Consultations and medication start at £20. 

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia | BPH

BPH, which is also called prostate enlargement, is a noncancerous increase in size of the prostate gland. The prostate is a small gland found near a man’s bladder.

The enlargement is not usually serious.

Symptoms may include frequent urination (needing to pee more often), trouble starting to urinate, a weak stream, inability to urinate, or loss of bladder control.

We can provide you with some treatment to help control your symptoms. Consultations and medication start at £20. 

Hair Loss | Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss (alopecia) can be stressful and upsetting. It can affect just the scalp or the entire body. Hair loss can be temporary or permanent. 

Losing your hair can be due to heredity causes, hormonal changes, medical conditions or a normal part of aging. Anyone can lose hair on their head, but it’s more common in men.

Baldness refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp. Hereditary hair loss with age is the most common baldness. At Buzz Doctor we can provide treatments that can help to prevent further hair loss and restore hair growth. We can provide finasteride 1mg tablets.