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At Buzz Doctor Private Practice, we provide Micro-suction ear wax removal.  

Wax build up can leave your hard of hearing, feeling ‘bunged’ up and embarrassed. At Buzz Doctor – we are here to help. 

For wax build up, our Practitioner will use a device to have a check in your ears to let you know which ones need to have micro-suction carried out. 

We can also use a special camera that can provide pictures of your ear canal, with a clear view of your ear drum, once the wax is removed. 

You should also have your wax removed prior to any hearing test or hearing aid fittings.

By using these techniques we are able to determine specific issues that are affecting your ears. 

Our Principles

Safety is our priority – we use micro-suction as our preferred method of wax removal, which is the recommended procedure to use.

Micro-suction gives the best results and lowers the risk of causing any damage because it is done under direct observation by the Practitioner. 



We are fully qualified to provide micro-suction ear wax removal and have full medical insurance.  Our Practitioner has trained under an ENT specialist and has performed many procedures!


Will it hurt? 

Micro-suction is not a painful procedure and using delicate suction to remove the wax. It is usually completely comfortable and the wax can be removed within minutes. Sometimes it may take more than one visit to remove all the wax, especially if the wax is quite hard. If you need to return, the your second visit is totally free of charge. You only pay once for that episode of wax. 



What We Offer

  • FREE Ear Examination prior to procedure 
  • Micro-suction wax cleaning
  • Free Aftercare advice – written and in addition, you can call us for any issues/concerns – we are here to help!

Please call to book in for an appointment, which will give our team an opportunity to provide advice about ear drop use and availability. 

We will always try our best to accommodate and provide an appointment which suits you!

Micro-suction wax cleaning:

1 ear…………….£35

Both ears……..£50 


Aftercare Advice

Written aftercare advice will be provided to you after your appointment. 

If anything unexpected happens, or you develop symptoms you cannot cope at home with then call 999/Attend ED