Buzz Doctor Pharmacy

Buzz Doctor Pharmacy – Leading the change for the future of community Pharmacy.

Buzz Doctor Pharmacy is an NHS Pharmacy that dispenses your prescriptions sent over from your GP – white prescriptions or green prescriptions, we operate as a normal Pharmacy would. 

Click here to Nominate us as your Pharmacy today – and get a first class, caring service for you and your family 

We provide fast and safe pharmacy services for you. Our Pharmacist can provide you with advice on your medication, minor illnesses and long term conditions. 

Our Pharmacy is the heart of our healthcare centre, which makes getting treated even easier. It is not just a place to get your prescriptions dispensed – here you can receive treatment from our in-house practitioners who will get you a prescription for your condition and then also get this dispensed for you straight away by our Pharmacist! No more waiting for an appointment. 

Our healthcare centre aims to streamline your treatment and make things easier for you, because we understand that when you’re under the weather; waiting for an appointment at your surgery, waiting for hours in a walk in centre or waiting for your medication to be dispensed is not what you need!

Buzz Doctor aims to make life stress-free when you need help the most. 


Helping You with Your Medication Medication Blister Packs/Cassette Packs: We also provide medicine blister packs made up for you, so taking your medication is easy and stops you forgetting or missing a dose.
We do all the ordering for you, and if needed, deliver this to you FREE of charge.
Call or come in to nominate us as your Pharmacy or you can do this online yourself or ask your surgery to update it.

For patients with medication packs, We Order & Collect Your Prescriptions

No more worrying about ordering your medication, We will order your medication every month from the surgery. Leaving you worry free


We Make up your
Medication Packs each month right on time


We will organise all your medication in cassette packs and provide your dose regimes and instructions.

We can Deliver Your Medication FREE of charge When it is Convenient for You

We deliver your medication packs for the month so you can continue to take your medication without any interruption or hassle. 

More ways Buzz Doctor Can Help You
We Dispense all NHS Prescriptions as usual

Free Delivery Service

Our Pharmacy offers a free delivery service for patients who are unable to collect their medications. Buzz Doctor Pharmacy can also send your medications via carrier so you get them posted to you quickly and conveniently  


Travel Clinic

Our Pharmacy clinic can provide a full travel clinic. We offer immunisations like hepatitis injections, and medication to prevent malaria. We will also recommend essential drugs to take with you to make sure you have all the important treatments at hand

Free Text Message Notifications

If you provide us with a mobile number, we can provide you with a FREE text message reminder service that notifies you when your medication is ready to be collected from us. We can also give you a call if you have a landline number


Flu Vaccination

Make sure you get your flu vaccination every year to help stop you from catching the flu! Our Pharmacist will have you in and out quickly and safely. 


Shingles Vaccination

Get your shingles vaccine here to help stop you from getting shingles. This is a single shot and is virtually painless.  Get protected from shingles today!


Beauty & Healthcare

Our Pharmacy has a lovely selection of beauty and healthcare products., We have a specialist skin clinic, where we can find the products that are right for you. We sell medicines for your general health, along with a wide selection of vitamins and natural products

Care Home Services


Contact us by email to request further information on how we can provide an outstanding service for your care home. 

Streamline and professional, we will help your care home achieve its potential by working together.

Email us on: info@buzzdoctor.co.uk