Buzz Doctor: Business Terms and Conditions


If you are considering to use the Buzz Doctor service, in anyway, or if you are accessing the website or app, then before doing so, you should read the terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions set out the basic information on how we provide this service to you. It contains information about the privacy policy and the agreement you will enter into with Buzz Doctor.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions then please exit the service, do not use it and cancel any appointment(s) that you might have made. 

These Terms and Conditions apply to all of the users and if relevant, an employee of Buzz Doctor (including ‘you’, ‘your’ the ‘patient’, the ‘service user’, the ‘user’) of the Buzz Doctor Platform;

  • Our website/internet site
  • Our mobile/tablet application (‘app’) 
  • By phone i.e. mobile call/telephone call
  • Email 
  • Face to face 

Collectively, the different ways to access our service is referred to as the Buzz Doctor Platform. These Terms and Conditions apply to you whether you are an National Health Service (NHS) or private (self-funded) patient.

You should read all the information provided here before deciding to use the service.  

By using the Platform, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, along with the following additional information which also applies and forms the full contract of use. These include;

  • Our Privacy Policy
  • Our Cookie Policy
  • Our Fair Usage Policy
  • Additional Terms and Conditions of Service which apply for NHS Patients or Private Patients, depending on how you are accessing Buzz Doctor’s services.

Any reference to ‘these terms’ or ‘terms and conditions ‘ or ‘contract’ or services shall include all of these terms (as listed above)



Only Buzz Doctor has the right to enforce these terms. No one else is allowed to enforce these terms on us or on you.

These terms and conditions are valid under UK law, i.e. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

If a court of law finds any part of these terms and conditions illegal, then the rest of the terms and conditions are still in effect. Each sentence in these terms and conditions operates separately. 

If any of court of law or authority finds a sentence illegal or they are not satisfied with said sentence of terms and conditions, then the remaining sentences still remain in full force and effect.

We can enforce these terms at any time. There is no time frame of limit for enforcing these terms and conditions.


Amendments to the terms and conditions 

From time to time, we may changes to these terms and conditions. Each time you wish to access Buzz Doctor, you should read these terms and conditions to ensure you are happy to access the services. Any changes that we make will become effective immediately when the revised terms and conditions are changed. 

You will not receive notification of any changes and this is why you should read these terms and conditions each time you intend to use the Platform.

You should stop using the Platform if you do not agree to any changes.

These Terms were most recently updated in April 2021. 



The Platform is owned and operated by BuzzDoctor Limited (‘Buzz Doctor’, ‘our’, ‘us’ or ‘we’), a company registered in England, UK. Company number 11959946. 

Buzz Doctor Pharmacy is registered with the GPhC (1038394). For specific details of your pharmacist or practitioner, please speak to a member of the team



To contact us for general information please email: or call 0121 744 1141.

For support on your account, please email 

For our website, please visit

For business purposes we may contact you by email, this will be the email address that you provided or emailed us with.

We may also need to contact you by written post; this will be to the address that you provided. 



Please note that the Buzz Doctor Platform, i.e. any of its methods of use are NOT to be used in an EMERGENCY situation.

If you believe that you or someone you are with are experiencing an emergency then you should seek urgent and immediate help by dialling 999

You should call 999 immediately in a life-threatening or serious situation, however there may be other such reasons where you will need to dial 999, this list does not cover all conditions and is not meant to replace medical advice or self-decision making

Call 999 immediately if you or someone is experiencing the following:

  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • If you think someone is having a heart attack
  • If you think someone is having a stroke 
  • Head injury
  • Seizures/fits 
  • Loss of consciousness 
  • Major trauma which can be, but not limited to;
    • Stabbing, shooting, a fall, road traffic accident
  • Severe bleeding 
  • Severe allergic reaction
  • Severe burns or scalds



Buzz Doctor offers a Platform which allows you to connect with UK registered Practitioners online or by telephone.

Practitioners will be registered with their UK professional body, e.g. Doctors with the General Medical Council (GMC), Pharmacist Prescribers with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and Nurses with the Nursing and midwifery Council (NMS). 

All practitioners working under Buzz Doctor are independent/autonomous practitioners/prescribers.

This means that they are legally permitted to medically treat patients as they deem necessary.

The Buzz Doctor Platform is available to you if you are in the United Kingdom (i.e. England, Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland). 

Please do not attempt to access this platform if you are not a resident of the United Kingdom. 

We are not responsible for the skill of the Practitioner.

You can use the Buzz Doctor Platform to:

  • Consent to the terms of service
  • Provide your details for contact to be enabled between Buzz Doctor and you 
  • Book an appointment for a telephone consultation with a Practitioner 
  • Receive qualified and professional medical advice from the Practitioner 
  • Once you have had a consultation with the Practitioner, if the Practitioner has agreed to provide treatment for certain medical conditions, they will do so by providing you with a private prescription 
  • The prescription will then be emailed to any UK pharmacy of your choosing, which you can collect.

Appointments are subject to availability and need to be booked in advance via the Buzz Doctor Platform.

Appointment times are subject to change and are only made available to you at the sole discretion of Buzz Doctor.

If the following circumstances arise:

  • If there are no appointments available that suit your needs
  • If you need medical attention but are unable to access Buzz Doctor Platform for whatever reason; 
  • You miss your Buzz Doctor appointment for whatever reason; 
  • During the consultation, connection to the Platform is lost for whatever reason;
  • Your appointment is cancelled by Buzz Doctor for whatever reason, including as a result of a Practitioner being unavailable;

Then it is your sole responsibility to either book an alternative appointment with us if this is a suitable option or seek appropriate alternative medical advice e.g. your NHS GP practice if you are registered with one or a urgent care centre/walk in centre. 


Safe Use of the Buzz Doctor Services

To make sure that you are using the Buzz Doctor Platform/services safely and in agreement and accordance with these Terms and Conditions, you must:

  • Comply with our Fair Usage Policy at all times
  • When using the Buzz Doctor Platform, when asked, you must;
    • Provide full, honest, complete and accurate information about your medical history
    • Provide full, honest, complete and accurate information about your current symptoms. 
    • Failure to provide full, honest, complete and accurate information may impact on our ability to provide the Services/proper treatment and may also impact on the Practitioner’s ability to make a full and adequate assessment of your medical needs;
  • Do not use the Buzz Doctor Platform/services for any inappropriate purposes, including, but not limited to, obtaining inappropriate prescriptions;
  • We will not provide prescriptions for controlled drugs in classes 2 – 4, this includes benzodiazepines e.g. diazepam and z-drugs, e.g. Zopiclone.
  • You must follow any instructions given to you on the Buzz Doctor Platform and/or by the Practitioner;
  • You must follow any instructions on any medication you are given, or advice given to you on the Buzz Doctor Platform and/or by a Practitioner;
  • You must agree and understand that Buzz Doctor is not responsible for the care you receive 
  • You must understand and agree that you are receiving private treatment, which does not fall under the National Healthcare System (NHS)
  • You should seek further medical advice if you are not completely satisfied with, or have any concerns with the information or treatment you received by the Practitioner and/or by the Buzz Doctor Platform or if your condition or circumstances change;
  • You should seek urgent/immediate medical help if you experience of suffer from any adverse or unexpected effects (e.g. side effects), of any treatment, medicine or healthcare products recommended to you on the Buzz Doctor Platform and/or by a Practitioner. 
  • Please also see the Emergencies section for further advice



Buzz Doctor does NOT provide sick notes. If you need a sick note, you will need to see your own Doctor/General Practitioner (GP) 



Buzz Doctor does not provide supporting letters of any kind. For any letter, you will need to contact your own GP. 



To request a prescription, you must do this in-consultation with a practitioner, during a live Session i.e. by telephone consultation or video call or a face to face session. These are the only ways of requesting a prescription.



Before using the Buzz Doctor Platform you understand and accept that each Practitioner, at their sole discretion, creates prescriptions, via the Buzz Doctor Platform, based on their own medical, legal and professional obligations. 

You understand and accept that that the content of each prescription is based on your individual circumstances and symptoms that you provide to the Practitioner and your clinical presentation at the time of your consultation. 

Therefore the contents of any prescription will vary and the exact nature of the contents shall be at the sole discretion of the Practitioner and you agree that Buzz Doctor does not have any involvement with the decision making of the Practitioner or the contents of the prescription.

Buzz Doctor, or its directors, stakeholders, employees, officers, agents and affiliates are not involved in any way and cannot be involved in any way or form, with any type of claim that may arise as a result of any the contents of prescriptions or other such items, or with the skill or attitude or service you receive from a Practitioner. 

You must not change, add, delete or amend (e.g. alter) any content of any prescriptions or items that you receive from Buzz Doctor, to do this would be a criminal offence. Buzz Doctor and/or its Practitioners are not responsible and cannot be held responsible for any illegal activity that a service user may perform, regarding prescriptions or other such items. 

You understand and accept that there is no guarantee such items such as prescriptions will contain the content e.g. medication, that you requested, wanted, hoped for, desired, expected, advised upon, were informed of, thought, understood or believed they would contain. You accept and understand that it is at the sole discretion of the Practitioner to provide a treatment as they deem necessary at the time of presentation. 


Lost prescriptions

If you have a telephone or video call consultation with a Practitioner, then any prescriptions issued will be sent via email to a pharmacy/chemist in the UK, of your choosing.

In this way, it will be quite impossible for a patient to lose their prescription. 

However, if you have a face to face consultation with a Practitioner, then you may be issued with a private prescription, for you to take to a UK pharmacy/chemist. You accept and understand that this may not be the case; it is the choice of the Practitioner whether to issue a paper private prescription or send it as an email to a UK pharmacy/chemist. 

You understand and accept that there is no guarantee that a Practitioner will agree to re-issue any document e.g. prescription. 

In the event that the Practitioner re-issues your lost prescription, you understand and accept you will be charged in accordance with the current cost for a ‘Copy’ of the prescription or other such item. 

In order to request a copy of a prescription, or other such item, the Buzz Doctor Platform needs to be used. 


Posting of your prescriptions

Prescriptions will not be posted to a patient. 


Delivery of prescriptions by email

Prescriptions will not be sent by email to you i.e. the patient.

You understand and accept that documents sent by email to a chemist/pharmacy, are classed as sent as soon as the Buzz Doctor Platform marks the email containing the information as ‘sent’. 

You understand and accept that any emails sent containing any information related to you, including, but not limited to, sensitive information, such as name, address, medication, age, date of birth, will be saved as proof that we have sent the document and fulfilled our obligation to provide the service that you have requested.

You understand and accept that we are not responsible for the spam or junk emails sent to you by your email service provider. We are not involved or responsible for the way you email provider filters emails, and may, for whatever reason, filter our emails away from your inbox, into such folders as the spam or junk folders.  In these occasions you understand and accept that you must take such issues up with your email provider and not with Buzz Doctor and/or Practitioner.

You understand and accept that any emails sent to you about your treatment or current situation are not sent with a password and therefore we assume that the email address you provide is the one you wish us to communicate through. We are not responsible for the security of your email server; we cannot accept any liability regarding any issues that may arise, for whatever reason, with your email system or server. 

We will deem any information sent via email to you have been received by you within twenty-four hours of us marking them as sent.

Once we have issued your prescription, we will provide you with instruction on how to obtain it.

You understand and accept that you shall ensure that you have provided a legitimate email address of the pharmacy you wish us to the sent the prescription to. 


Delivery by first class post

Prescriptions and other such documents will not be sent by post, i.e. paper mail.


Issuing prescriptions.

When agreeing to use the Buzz Doctor Platform, you understand, accept and agree that there is no guarantee whatsoever, that you will be provided with a prescription for any medication. 

You understand, agree and accept that the issuing of any prescription is at the sole discretion of the Practitioner. Buzz doctor has no right to interfere with the Practitioners prescribing decisions.

You accept, understand and agree that our medical team has restricted the prescribing of some drugs/medicines that can be issued by the Practitioners. There are certain medicines/drugs that will not be prescribed by Practitioners in any circumstances, which include:

  • Controlled Drugs (CDs), these are medication that are subject to strict legal restrictions and therefore will not be prescribed under any circumstance. Examples include;
    • Strong painkillers e.g. morphine, tramadol, pregabalin, gabapentin
    • anxiolytics, hypnotics and sedatives e.g. diazepam or Zopiclone
  • Medication that requires specialist prescribing and monitoring; e.g. Isotretinoin 
  • Medication that needs to be administered by injection (exception –  life-saving or life-preserving purposes e.g. Epipen)

Any prescription that you receive via the Platform is only valid for use at legal UK pharmacies/chemists only. 

You understand and agree that any prescriptions you acquire via the Buzz Doctor Platform are only for your personal use. You must not share the medication provided to you. 

You accept, understand and agree to carefully read all the information provided to you in the medication package given to you, and to follow the instructions given to you, either by verbally and/or written information by the Practitioner(s), via the Buzz doctor Platform, and/or on the prescription(s) itself/themselves and the instructions on the label applied by the pharmacy before you take any of the prescribed medications. 

You also accept, understand and agree to contact a Practitioner, e.g. another doctor or another pharmacist if you have any questions about the prescribed medicines. 

You accept, understand and agree that if you have any issues with the prescribed medications, you will contact another doctor or another pharmacist if you do not fully understand the reasons you have been prescribed any prescribed medicine or the instructions related to the prescribed medicine.

Buzz Doctor and the Practitioners are not responsible for any legal prescriptions provided to you that legal UK Pharmacies refuse to dispense. You agree and accept that it remains an individual Pharmacist’s right to refuse to fulfil any prescription and/or dispense medications when presented with a legal prescription. If there are any issues with the prescription, the Pharmacist is permitted to contact the Prescriber and/or Buzz Doctor to discuss the issue. If there has been a mistake made by the Practitioner then Buzz Doctor has nothing to do whatsoever with this and can therefore be rectified by the Practitioner. The Practitioner will re-issue/re-send any private prescription with the recommended alterations/amendments. 


Bookings and Cancellations for  Appointments

  • All our practitioners are trained and qualified in accordance with the UK legal requirements and the company’s treatment protocols.
  • All Practitioners are registered with their professional legal board.
  • All Practitioners are insured with a medical insurance company.
  • To secure an appointment with Buzz Doctor for any of our services e.g. aesthetic treatment, steroid joint injections etc. a deposit may be required.
  • The deposit is subsequently redeemable against the final treatment.
  • If you are unable to attend your appointment, please call Buzz Doctor on 0121 744 1141 immediately. 
  • We require a cancellation notice of 24 hours (minimum).
  • Proper cancellation notice will mean you will be eligible for a full refund of your deposit.
  • Failure to attend your appointment without 24 hour notice will result in the loss of your deposit.
  • Please arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to your appointment so that any necessary paperwork can be completed.
  • Late arrival (more than 30 minutes late without notification) may result in cancellation of the appointment.
  • Prior to your appointment, we will notify you of any preparation required for your treatment.


Treatment Policy

  • Our practitioners will assess whether the treatment you request is suitable for you.
  • If there are any predicted complications or if it is likely that a particular treatment will be unsuccessful; the Clinician has the right to refuse treatment if it is in the best interests of the patient.
  • In this instance, any deposit will be refunded in full.
  • All treatments provided must be paid for in full by the patient/client in advance of the treatment procedure on the day of scheduled treatment.
  • Once treatment is underway or has been completed; no refunds of payment can be made.
  • Additional treatment after a procedure (“top-up) treatment can be provided for a discounted price, please call 0121 744 1141 to discuss any such issues. Discounts will only be provided for treatment in certain time frames.
  • Discounts apply to customers returning after 2 weeks for dermal fillers but no longer than 4 weeks.
  • For muscle relaxing injections i.e. Botox®, discounts apply to customers returning after 3 weeks but no longer than 5 weeks.



  • Buzz Doctor is not liable for any loss or damage arising from using licensed or unlicensed products for your aesthetic/cosmetic/medical treatments/procedures.
  • It is the responsibility of the client (the patient receiving treatment) to ensure that they provide Buzz Doctor with the most up to date and correct medical information to ensure treatment suitability.
  • Buzz Doctor is not liable for loss or damage incurred due to incorrect medical history provided by the client.
  • Failure to disclose the required medical information will result in cancellation of the appointment.
  • Buzz Doctor is not responsible for any side effects and/or dissatisfaction that may arise from treatment.
  • Buzz Doctor will take all reasonable steps to minimise or prevent side effects and/or dissatisfaction that may arise from treatment.




Registration requirements

When you sign up to use the Buzz Doctor Platform or if you are given the option to register for an online account via the Platform , to use said Buzz Doctor Platform and the services you, understand, agree and accept that you:

  • Are eighteen (18) years of age or older;
  • Have the capacity to accept and agree to these Terms
  • Have the capacity to consent to and/or withdraw from any treatment advice/decision
  • Can provide informed consent 

You understand, accept and agree that the account you create on the Buzz Doctor Platform is for private medical treatment, and is not subject to NHS law or policies. However your date stored is subject to the current UK data protection law. Your date will be stored according to the UK laws regarding the keeping, maintenance and protection of medical/patient records.

 Identification Checks / fraudulent Accounts

You understand, accept and agree that we may contact you by telephone, post or email to verify your identity or other account information. We may request additional information from you, e.g. passport or driving license, which you agree to provide. We reserve the right to request these additional details from any account at any time and you understand, by not providing this information, you may not receive treatment. You have 5 days to provide this information and if this information is not provided, then we reserve the right to terminate, prevent access to, or suspend your account until the information is provided to our reasonable satisfaction.

You understand, accept and agree that you will only register one account to use the Platform, i.e. one person may only have one account. If you use multiple accounts it will mean that your records may be inaccurate, therefore jeopardising your safety and quality of treatment. 

Register for an Account on the Buzz Doctor Platform

To sign up or register with us you are required to provide full, truthful, accurate and complete information. This information includes, but may not be limited to; your full name i.e. your first and last name, your home address, i.e. post code, door number etc. your email address, mobile telephone number, the name of your registered General Practice Surgery, the name and address of your chosen Pharmacy, and any other information that we may request. You must keep your account details up to date at all times. 

We have the right to terminate any account at any time, for whatever reason. If your account is missing vital information, or contains invalid details, then we can also terminate this account. Both the email address and mobile telephone number must be stored in the profile for your Account. 

Third party information that you provide

When you upload personal health information or sensitive data to the Buzz Doctor Platform or information regarding the details of your GP surgery or Pharmacy names, you authorise that such information is provided lawfully and has not been tampered with or altered in anyway. 

Your log-in details

If you are given login details, then keep your log-in details confidential.  You must not disclose it to any third party. If you know or suspect that anyone other than yourself knows your user identification code or password, you must promptly contact us. 

Responsibility for your Account

If you are given an account then you are exclusively responsible for all activity that occurs on your account. You must notify us immediately if you have lost your log-in details or if this has been stolen, or if you believe or become aware of any unauthorised access to your account. 

You understand, accept and agree that we shall not be liable for any losses that you may incur as a result of any unauthorised use of your Account.

Monitoring your account

If you have the option to register for an account, then Buzz Doctor reserves the right to monitor your use of the Platform and/or services and we reserve the right to deactivate any user identification code or password. We reserve the right to do this at any time, if we think you have failed to observe and comply with the Terms and Conditions of the service, or if we suspect any unauthorised access or misuse of the Platform and/or services.


We hold your personal information on a secure database on our IT system. You give consent for this when you sign up to the Buzz Doctor service.  This is only accessible by Practitioners and the Buzz Doctor IT department. Unlawful access is prohibited by UK law.  If you are given an online medical record; i.e. your Buzz Doctor electronic medical record, then this will be created when you sign up to use the service. You will be informed if you have the option to make an account before signing up. This record serves to document any consultation with a Practitioner. The Buzz Doctor Platform stores your personal health information online, including:

  • Name
  • Age and date of birth
  • Address and contact details
  • GP surgery details
  • Your chosen pharmacy contact details, including email address
  • Current health conditions
  • Medical history symptoms
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Consultation notes

Your consultation notes will be stored in your Buzz Doctor online account, in accordance with the obligations of the practitioner under relevant UK law and policies. 

Your Practitioner may have additional documents that they will make/use during your appointment; where permitted, they will attach this to your electronic record. However there may be some documents that your Practitioner is not able to save to your electronic record. However all documentation will be sent to your registered GP in a timely manner.  

Uploading images 

When using the Buzz Doctor Platform, when completing information about your current medical illness, you will have the opportunity to upload a picture, e.g. a picture of a rash you might have. These images are for the practitioner to view during your consultation. These pictures will not be saved automatically, you will have to request to the Practitioner that you want these saved on the record. When uploading any pictures, you are consenting to the Practitioner viewing these during your consultation and also at any other time, for purposes of your care, without your explicit permission each time, as you are already consenting to continuation of your care when first making an account. 

 Recording Appointments.

It is an offense if you may any kind of recording of the consultation between yourself and the Practitioner. This includes, but not limited to, voice recording, video recording, camera recording, or screen recordings. 

 Access of your record by Buzz Doctor Practitioners

By using the Buzz Doctor Platform, you understand, accept and agree that Practitioners are allowed at any time, to access your record for the purposes of providing medical care i.e. to provide the services for your care. You also accept, agree and understand that Practitioners can access your record without your explicit permission at the time, and by agreeing to use the Buzz Doctor Platform, you are providing consent for all possible future access of your record by Practitioners. Any access of your record will always be in compliance with any applicable UK law and our Privacy Policy.

If you would like to print a copy of your own medical record notes, then you can do this free of charge. You can access your record and then select the printing option.  This should be done each time you receive treatment from Buzz Doctor so you are able to take these notes to your own GP surgery.



Amendments to the Buzz Doctor Platform

We may update and/or make changes to the Buzz Doctor Platform and/or services from time to time. These can range from colour changes, user interface changes, or security updates, including but not limited to, legal or regulatory changes.  

Before any major changes are made, we will contact you in advance by email; even if you have not consented to receiving promotional material (see ‘Opting in for information’). If you are not happy with the planned changes, then please contact us to discuss this or you may, if you wish, terminate your contract with us.

For the changes to take place on the mobile application (‘app’), then you must update the app, via your service provider. By uploading the app, you are consenting to the terms and conditions. 

Suspending or withdrawal of the Buzz Doctor Platform

We do not guarantee that the Buzz Doctor Platform will always be present, there may be a cancellation of the entire service, for whatever reason and by agreeing to use our services, you understand that all your information that you have uploaded could be terminated at any time for any reason. 

We may suspend or restrict the access of part or all of the Buzz Doctor Platform, for whatever reason. This can be due to technical faults or temporary limitation due to updates. We will try and give reasonable notice of any suspension or withdrawal.

If the Platform is going to be terminated, and you have paid for an appointment, then we will refund your payment in full. 

If there are times when access needs to be suspended then we will notify you in advance if you have an appointment scheduled at the same time, unless the suspension is due to unforeseen circumstances, then you will not be notified. However if this occurs and you miss your appointment, then you will be entitled to a full refund or you will be able to reschedule the appointment if you wish. 

Transferring or selling the Buzz Doctor rights 

We reserve the right to sell our transfer our license and/or rights to someone else. This transfer or sale may be under these terms and conditions; however they may be under another set of terms and conditions. If this is the case, we will notify you by email and explain any steps you may or may not need to take. 



When you are logged into the Buzz Doctor ‘app’ or online system, then you can use the services for your own personal, non-commercial use.  Any copy of any information contained on our website, ‘app’ or any other Platform, is an offence and legal action will be taken in such circumstances. 

You are granted a temporary license to download the Buzz Doctor App, use the internet site and access any other Platform belonging to Buzz Doctor. 

You must accept the user agreement before downloading the app.

By accepting the terms and conditions and the user agreement, you understand, accept and agree that under this limited license, you cannot copy, sell, sublicense, transfer or use the work as a basis for a template.  You may not (but this list is not limited to); copy, reproduce, duplicate, sell or resell the information contained on the Buzz Doctor Platform and/or the services or the terms and conditions. Any of these actions is a legal offense and will result in criminal prosecution and/or termination of your contract with us and you will not be able to make another account with us. 

If you access the Buzz Doctor online service without the intention of using the service, i.e. for any reason, including, but not limited to; by accident, to look at the website, to check for something etc. then you understand, accept and agree that you cannot copy, sell, sublicense, transfer or use the work as a basis for a template, this includes these terms and conditions. 



Medical Disclaimer

Even if you are choosing to use Buzz Doctor, you still need to seek the advice of your own GP. You should do this before stopping, starting or changing any medication or dose. You should do this even if you have already acquired medical advice or treatment from a Practitioner from Buzz Doctor or if you have read some information from the Buzz Doctor Platform. 

Buzz Doctor does not promote or guarantee that remote prescribing and/or treatment/advice e.g. via telephone, mobile, video call video chat, picture messages or online consultations are the safest or  best methods of accessing and receiving medical advice or treatment for your specific medical needs or conditions.

Before accessing the Buzz Doctor Platform, you agree that you will contact your own GP for a review as soon as possible or if you are not satisfied with your treatment, or if your condition changes or worsens. If you are not registered with a UK GP, then you should attend your nearest walk in centre/urgent care centre. In an emergency situation, where you feel that you are in the need of urgent help, you should contact the emergency services immediately by dialling 999.


Content Disclaimers

Any information on the Buzz Doctor Platform or in any information you receive from us via communications, apart from advice provided by a Practitioner during an appointment, is only for general patient educational and patient informational purposes only. It is not there to replace medical advice from a UK registered Practitioner. 

We try to keep this information on the Buzz Doctor Platform up to date, but we make no guarantee that this information represents current UK medical guidelines. We cannot guarantee that the information you read on the Buzz Doctor Platform is complete, up to date or accurate.  We accept no responsibility or liability for any consequences that may arise for whatever reason, directly or indirectly, from any of your actions or inactions regarding the advice on the platform that you decide to read, and if you based your decisions upon this information, it is at your sole discretion. 


General Disclaimers

We make no guarantee that the Buzz Doctor Platform and/or its services will meet your expectations or requirements. We make no guarantee that the Buzz Doctor Platform and/or its services will run uninterrupted, securely or error-free. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Buzz Doctor Platform is secure; however we accept no responsibility or liability for data breaches to our system that may arise for whatever reason e.g. internet hacker. We are not liable or responsible for any compensation if there are any data breaches or issues with the Buzz Doctor Platform. We are not responsible for communication errors, compromise or corruption of any kind of data that is transferred and/or carried over local or interchange telecommunication carriers or internet services.  

Buzz Doctor will take all reasonable safeguards to protect against failure of our services, equipment and software. We will try to complete regular software back-ups of all data stored on the Platform. You understand, accept and agree that a back-up may take up to several weeks to complete, any booked appointments can either be cancelled and refunded in full or rescheduled. 

We do not guarantee that the Buzz Doctor Platform is 100% secure or free from internet bugs or viruses. Any computer/laptop/tablet/phone or any other device that you use to access the Buzz Doctor Platform with is your responsibility; you are responsible for configuring and maintaining your devices in order to access the Platform and protect against viruses or bugs. You should use your own virus protection software. We are not responsible or liable for any issues you experience with the Buzz Doctor Platform.  

We do not endorse the products or services of any third party organisations. We do not guarantee the reputation of any third party companies. We are not responsible or liable for the accuracy or content of information contained on any third party web sites.


Loss or damage caused to your health

We are not responsible or liable to you for any foreseeable or unforeseeable loss or damage caused by us. If we fail to comply with these terms and conditions, we will be responsible for loss or damage you might suffer due to a foreseeable result due to us breaking this contract. Loss or damage that is foreseeable will be due to an obvious cause, i.e. something that will happen that is obvious at the time the contract was made and that both we and you knew it may happen. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable even if we are in breach of the terms and conditions. 

We do not dismiss in any way our responsibility or liability to you where it would be otherwise unlawful to do so.

We are not responsible or liable and we will not compensate if your death occurs after being treated by Buzz Doctor and/or its practitioners. 

We are not responsible or liable and we will not compensate if you suffer personal injury after being treated by Buzz Doctor and/or its practitioners.  

We are not responsible or liable and we will not compensate if you suffer any loss/harm/damage/allergy/anaphylaxis/death that may be caused after being treated by Buzz Doctor and/or its practitioners. 

Buzz Doctor is not responsible or liable and we will not compensate you for any reason even if it is caused by the negligence or fraud of the employees or practitioners. 

Buzz Doctor is a private platform, separate from the NHS, which allows independent practitioners to treat patients that choose to have their opinion and treatment.

Practitioners hold their own medical insurance i.e. appropriate medical indemnity insurance. This provides cover for them in respect to any claims made against them that may arise from the provision of their medical advice or treatment via the Buzz Doctor Platform.


Business Loss and damage 

We are not responsible or liable for any business losses. The Buzz Doctor services are only for private use. You cannot copy, duplicate, sell, re-sell or use any works as a template, this includes any information contained in these terms of service. If you use the platform for business, commercial or re-sale/sale purposes then this is a criminal offense and you will be in breach of this contract, this includes anyone who does not intend to use the services as well. We will have no responsibility or liability to you for any loss of business, business interruption, loss of business opportunity or loss of profit. 


Loss or damage caused to your electronic device or digital content

Buzz Doctor and/or its practitioners are not responsible or liable if you receive any damage or defect to your electronic devices, e.g. mobile phone, tablet, computer, PC, laptop etc, that occurs as a result of downloading the Buzz Doctor app or by using the online content, 

We are not responsible or liable for any issues, for whatever reason, that may occur when you use the Buzz Doctor Platform, even if it is due to your inability to use the Platform.



Buzz Doctor is not responsible or liable if the supply of the service is delayed, prevented or terminated by circumstances outside our reasonable control. If there is any interruption to the services, we will do our reasonable best to contact you if this happens to make you aware of any issues. If the delay means that we are unable to provide the services for your appointment that was already booked, then we will arrange an alternative appointment, or you can cancel the appointment and receive a full refund.



Your right to terminate

You may cancel an appointment and/or stop using the Buzz Doctor Platform at any time.

You can cancel your appointment by contacting us by e-mail, by stating the time and date of your appointment and advising us that you wish to cancel it. 

You can cancel your account with us at any time; you can do it for any reason. You can contact us to close/delete/terminate your account. If you request this, then we have full rights to delete all your private information, i.e. your details and medical history and any consultations you may or may not have had. There will be no back-ups made and you will not be able to request this information again, 


Our right to terminate

We reserve the right to terminate our contract with you at any time for whatever reason if we have reason to believe that you are not agreeing to the terms and conditions. For example;

  • You do not, within 14 days, provide us with any information we may request.
  • If we believe that your contact details are false
  • You break the terms of fair and sensible use
  • If you are in breach of the contract then your account will be terminated and any payments you have made, will not be refunded, even if you have had not had your appointment

If we are to cancel your account, then we will write to you either by email or paper mail and let you know of our decision. 



We are the owner of the license of the ‘Buzz Doctor’ or ‘BuzzDoctor’ term, and all intellectual property rights of the Buzz Doctor Platform and of the material published on it. 

If you are an employee of Buzz Doctor, and in your time here, you create some work for us, then this work belongs to Buzz Doctor and we reserve all rights over this work. You are not permitted to use this work anywhere else if you leave or your contract with us is terminated. As an employee, you are not allowed to share any company information with anyone not affiliated with Buzz Doctor. 

The works that are under the Buzz Doctor are protected by copyright laws and agreements around the world. All rights are reserved.

For non-commercial use (i.e. for your personal use); you are allowed to print off one copy, and/or download sections from the Platform for whatever reason. 

If you are going to use any works from our Platform for personal sharing, i.e. social media, or messaging services, which includes, pictures, videos and texts, then you must acknowledge Buzz Doctor in the sharing when doing so. 

You are not permitted to re-use, copy, screen shot or record any media or text from the Buzz Doctor Platform for any commercial/business use. 

If you are in breach of these terms and conditions then you are subject to legal action, and if you are a service user, your contract/account will be terminated and if you are an employee, then your employee contract will be terminated by us. 



How we can use your personal information

Buzz Doctor are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that any sensitive information you choose to provide either on the Platform and/or to the Practitioner is in full compliance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the New Data Protection Act 2018.

Any personal information about you that we have stored on the Buzz Doctor Platform e.g. treatment details, photographic content, contact details that we may have stored on our computers or Buzz Doctor Platform, is all password protected and is governed by the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Any unauthorised access to the system is an offence. 

Any paper work held is secured in a locked cabinet in a locked room. Any unauthorised access to the paper work is an offence.

All Practitioners at Buzz Doctor are independent/autonomous Practitioners, which means they are all registered medical healthcare professionals; who are bound by law to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and their respective medical code of ethics.

You accept that all treatment provided to you will be shared with your registered GP. We will not sell, share or lease your personal information to other third parties unless we have your written consent, or if we are compelled to by the law.

We will only send you promotional material or information if you have chosen this option when providing your details to us during your account creation.

If you would like a copy of your personal information held by Buzz Doctor; please contact us at

We require 14 working days to send any records we have and there may be a fee. 


GDPR Compliance

Buzz Doctor requests the following information from patients when signing up for an account; however this may change with time, and you understand and accept that you are to provide any information requested on the Buzz Doctor Platform at the time of signing up or when requested at any other time.

Basic information required; full name, age, date of birth, gender, address, medical conditions, medication taken, allergies, your registered GP surgery, telephone number and email address. 

These details will be taken prior to any treatment or consultation.

You will have to read the terms and conditions, including the privacy policy, and agree to the terms of use before undergoing any treatment. 

We store all your information privately and securely, under password protected systems and locked cabinets.

We do not post any personal information publicly.

We will not share or sell your information with 3rd party companies; we will only share your care and treatment with your own GP.

We require this information to ensure treatment is suitable and safe.

Our treatment plan depends on the information you provide. Please ensure the information you provide is correct and up to date.

If you would like to view all the information we hold about you; then please email, you will then need to pay a £40 charge before any information is sent to you.

If you would like us to erase any or all information we hold about you, please request this via email using Your information will be permanently and securely erased within 14 working days. All information we hold is electronically stored and also paper based – in a locked and secured cabinet with a locked room. Only the Buzz Doctor team has access to this information.

Cookies may be collected through your browsing of our website. You are agreeing for us to store such information by browsing our website. If you do not wish for cookies to be stored, then please do not use our website. We will not misuse cookies. 

If you no longer require our services please email us using and we will remove your personal data within 14 working days.


Opting in for information

By registering on the Buzz Doctor Platform and then selecting to give consent to receive information and/or marketing information, you are agreeing to receiving these promotional materials, offers, newsletters, surveys and other information regarding Buzz Doctor company news, medical and health-related topics. This material may contain information about other products or companies also, including website links to other related websites.

If you do not wish to receive such communications, please do not select this option when making the account. You can change this information at any time by accessing your account settings. 


Our Data Controller Policy

Buzz Doctor stores the aforementioned information and is the controller for User Data.

Buzz Doctor adheres to the Data Protection Directive of 1995 and the GDPR from May 25th 2018

You can contact us at any time using to:

Request access to information Buzz Doctor has about you

Correct any information Buzz Doctor has about you

Delete information Buzz Doctor has about you

If you have any additional questions about Buzz Doctor collection and storage of data please contact our Data Protection Officer at:

Buzz Doctor  Pharmacy

Data Protection Officer

229 Stratford Road



B90 3AH

United Kingdom

If you are located outside of the United Kingdom, then please be aware you are sending information (including Personal Data) to the United Kingdom where our systems are located. This information will only be used to provide proper care and treatment for you, in the UK only.

By providing information to Buzz Doctor, you are agreeing for us to use your information to create or assess a safe treatment plan for you.


What we do with the information we gather

Buzz Doctor strives to achieve good healthcare for its patients. 

The information we gather is used to understand how we can aim to continuously improve and tailor our services in accordance with the needs of your care. Your records will ensure that we are providing the right patient with the right treatments.

We also use this information for the following reasons: record keeping as per company protocols to ensure continued medical care when providing medical treatments and to send you promotional e-mails about new products, services or information which may be of interest to you.

If at any time you wish to stop receiving promotional material from Buzz Doctor, simply contact us at 



The Buzz Doctor Usage Policy has been designed to prevent fraud and abuse of the services.

You are not permitted to (or permit anyone else to):

Use the Buzz Doctor Platform or its services for any unlawful, illegal, inappropriate, abusive or fraudulent way

Use the Buzz Doctor Platform or its services for the purpose of harming, grooming, abusing, or attempting to harm minors in any way or form.

Use the Buzz Doctor Platform for the purposes of harassment or abuse

Use profanity, obscenities, or derogatory remarks in communications

Access, download, send or receive any data (including images), which the Buzz Doctor Platform considers offensive in any way, including sexually explicit, pornographic, discriminatory, defamatory or any libellous material, containing or promoting any virus, bug, worm, Trojan horse, time bomb or any other computer programme or code that is intended or designed to, download, add, destroy, intercept, interfere, or otherwise manipulate the Platform and/or the Services. 

Use the Buzz Doctor Platform to conduct a personal business.

Use the email systems in a way that could affect its reliability or effectiveness, for example distributing chain letters or spam mail or messages. 

Place any information on the Buzz Doctor Platform that relates to Buzz Doctor, alter any information about it, or express any opinion about Buzz Doctor, unless you are specifically authorised to do this.

Send unprotected sensitive or confidential information externally.

Make official commitments through the internet or email on behalf of Buzz Doctor, unless authorised to do so. 

Download copyrighted material such as media files, i.e. pictures and videos files, without appropriate approval.

In any way infringe any copyright, database rights, trademarks or other intellectual property.

Download any software from the internet without prior approval of the IT Department. 

Connect Buzz Doctor Platform devices to the internet using non-standard connections.

Sending messages by way of written, e-mail, paper mail, text message, messaging service, verbal, video or using the Buzz Doctor network or Platform, to impersonate someone else, this includes, but not limited to, practitioners, is a legal offense and is subject to legal proceedings. 

All messages transmitted via the Buzz Doctor Platform, should correctly identify the sender by way of full name, and you may not attempt to alter the origin of the message. 

Employees/Individuals must not:  

Allow anyone else to use their user ID/login details and password on any Buzz Doctor Platform or Buzz Doctor IT system.

Leave their user accounts logged in at an unattended and unlocked computer

Leave their user account details and password lying around where someone else could see or find this 

Use someone else’s user ID and password to access Buzz Doctor IT systems. 

Perform any unauthorised changes to Buzz Doctor IT systems or information.

Attempt to access data that they are not authorised to use or access.

Exceed the limits of their authorisation or specific business need to interrogate the system or data.

Connect any non-Buzz Doctor authorised device to the Buzz Doctor network or IT systems.

Store Buzz Doctor data on any non-authorised Buzz Doctor equipment.

Give or transfer Buzz Doctor data or software to any person or organisation outside Buzz Doctor without the authority of Buzz Doctor.

Collect data about any other individual who uses the Platform.

You cannot try or knowingly reverse compile/decompile/engineer/assemble/ disassemble/translate or create fake/false results, alter, commit fraud/defraud or make false results from any code or information on or received by this Buzz Doctor Platform. 

You agree to have anti-virus and/or anti-spyware software running that is configured to override the internet’s cookie setting

You agree not to reproduce, copy, duplicate or sell any part of the Buzz Doctor Platform in breach of the provisions of our terms and conditions.


If you breach this Fair Usage Policy

If we have reason to believe or have evidence to believe that you are in breach of this fair usage policy, we reserve the right to take any action as we decide is appropriate. Any breach is a criminal offense and we reserve full rights to contact the police or other law enforcement organisation. 

If we have reason to believe that a breach of contract has taken place, then we reserve full right to delete any of the information provided by you that we consider to be fraudulent, abusive, defamatory, obscene or offensive in anyway. 

If we consider it appropriate, we may issue you with a formal notice of improper behaviour before we terminate, suspend or refer to an alternative service. We can issue this warning to you and advise you of any legal proceedings that may or may not take place; 

Legal proceedings could include reimbursement of all costs on an indemnity basis, which can include, but is not limited to; administration and legal costs that could have arisen from the data breach. 

Any further legal action against you that we deem is necessary. 

We can disclosure any information to the proper officer of the law, including personal details if we deem it is necessary, such that it is in the best option for the public or us, or if it is required by law.

This action can be carried out by Buzz Doctor and/or the practitioner. 

We may take any other action that we deem is reasonably appropriate.



Buzz Doctor strives to achieve excellence in customer service and its treatments. We aim to treat our clients fairly, compassionately and most importantly; safely.

If, unfortunately you are not happy with any aspect of Buzz Doctor, you are entitled to log a complaint.

This can be done either by telephone, in writing or verbally.

1.Once your complaint is received, it will be escalated to the Manager and the relevant Practitioner.

2. You will receive a phone call or an e-mail within 10 working days of logging the complaint, highlighting the next steps.

3. During the investigation you may be required to attend an additional consultation with the named Practitioner to find a possible resolution.

4. If you are still not satisfied, the matter will be referred to the Company Director who will review and handle the case personally.  



The following terms with their meanings are presented here; 

Appointment: this is a time for a consultation between a patient and a practitioner via the Buzz Doctor Platform. One appointment is limited to 10 minutes; and any person at any one time can book a maximum of 2 appointments, therefore a total of 20 minutes. However if the need arises, then the practitioner, may have to communicate with you for longer. 

Booking in advance: to have a consultation with a Practitioner, you will need to book a session/appointment in advance. The maximum number of consecutive sessions that you can book in advance at any time is two. You are able to book an appointment/session on your chosen date and time (subject to availability) via the Platform.

Changing appointments: You have the right to make a change to an appointment once booked within 1 hour of your appointment time. If you make any changes within 1 hour of your appointment, you will not receive a refund of any payment made to Buzz Doctor. If you wish to make a change to the date or time of your appointment then you should do this via the Buzz Doctor Platform. Please try to do this as soon as possible. If there are any issues with the changes then we will email you as soon as possible to make you aware of the situation. If for, whatever reason, we cannot make the change to your appointment, you are able to cancel your appointment and seek alternative medical advice from an appropriate establishment, e.g. NHS GP Surgery or walk in centre/urgent care centre.

If we need to make any changes to your appointment for whatever reason, then we will make you aware of this either by email or phone call. It is your right to cancel the appointment and receive a full refund in this case.

Choosing a Practitioner. You are not able to choose the Practitioner for your appointment/session unless we make this option available to you on the Platform. We do not make any guarantee at all as to the accessibility of any single Practitioner at any time. We do not represent, or give any warranties regarding any Practitioners’ skills. However, according to UK law, we can ensure that all Practitioners have a current and valid registration with their professional body and a right to practice in the UK.

Confirmation of appointments. After you have requested an appointment via the Buzz Doctor Platform, you will be sent written confirmation of the appointment via email that you will have provided in order to book the appointment.

Device; this relates to all electronic models, it includes, but is not limited to; computer, PC, laptop, telephone, mobile phone, smartphone or tablet computer, i.e. anything you use to access the Buzz Doctor Platform.

Prescription services. Buzz Doctor does not offer a guaranteed prescription treatment or fulfilment service. Prescriptions will only be issued by Practitioners where it is deemed appropriate by the Practitioner, where it is legal to do so and where you and the Practitioner have agreed on such a course of action. 

Practitioner(s); means the participating doctor(s) or pharmacist independent prescriber(s) or nurse independent prescriber(s) who give medical advice and/or provide you with prescriptions or treatment.

Private patient; means a self-funded patient who accesses the Buzz Doctor Platform and/or Services. They must pay for any medical advice or treatment.

Sessions. A ‘Session’ is a ten-minute block of time, which can also be referred to as an appointment. During this time you can have a consultation with a practitioner via the Buzz Doctor Platform. If you do not receive such confirmation within two hours of the start of your intended appointment then please contact us at

Same Day Appointments. If you wish to have a consultation with a Practitioner on the same day then you can check the Buzz Doctor Platform for any available appointments. 

Service or services; any advice, treatment or prescription you receive by way of the Buzz Doctor Platform.

Session; means a 10 minute consultation with a Practitioner via the Buzz Doctor Platform. 

You; means the individual using the Buzz Doctor Platform to access the Services. You means, the patient or service user. 

Waiting Times. We will try our best to keep waiting times as low as possible but we cannot guarantee specific waiting times.  When accepting to use the service, you accept that there may be a waiting time. By using the service/Buzz Doctor Platform, you are accepting that we will not refund any fees based on waiting times or any other time estimates being inaccurate.

Working Day; any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday.

‘Buzz Doctor’ or ‘Buzz Doctor Pharmacy’ or  BuzzDoctor or ‘we’ or ‘our’ refers to Trademarks of our Limited Company.